Mentor Circles

The TBWC Mentor Circles are free for members. Up to six participants are selected by each mentor through an application process. April 2020 round now open.

How To Apply

If you are ready to leave your comfort zone and share your challenges and experiences, we want you to apply. It is important that all applicants understand the level of commitment required, in order to get the most out of the Mentor Circles.

Our mentors are volunteers and mentees are expected to be flexible. 100% participation at the six monthly meetings is required (in person or dial in). Each mentor selects the six participants for their circle. Two people from the same organisation or industry will not be selected for the same circle as this can impact on a participant’s ability to be completely honest and transparent in discussions.

Complete the Mentor Circle Application Form. Mentors will make their selection and you will be notified of the outcome of your application.

Applications close February 24, 2020.

Applications are now closed.

How They Work

TBWC Mentor Circles are free for members. Six participants will be selected by each mentor through an application process.

The circles will meet monthly over six months. Mentors will act as guides and provide support and feedback for participants who will be expected to play an active role in the running of the circles. Each mentee will be expected to report back to the group on their progress and present at or host the circle over the six months. All participants will be expected to rotate note taking responsibilities.

Mentoring has been recognised as an effective way of professionally and personally developing for decades . When you connect with a successful and inspirational leader, that mentor can greatly assist you to navigate through issues, challenges and progression with ease by sharing their experiences and knowledge with you in addition to encouragement, support and guidance. The circles will not only give you access to the knowledge and experience of your mentor, but you will be able to collaborate with five other participants.
Session runs from April - November. Mentoring requires a high level of trust and commitment to the process and a sincere focus on learning and development. In return mentees will:

 share personal and professional experiences and learnings
 discover and explore new perspectives
 be encouraged to think strategically and holistically about business and life
 receive guidance on challenges
 be supported and coached on how to overcome barriers or push themselves further
 increase their effectiveness through learning
 review and renew their goals and visions

The Mentors

Past Mentors

Applications are now closed.

Applications closed!

Sorry, mentor circle applications are now closed!

Our Sponsors

Jayne Arlett

Setting Your Future Business Vision

Jayne is one of Townsville’s most prominent business women and has been actively involved in the local business community for the past 25+ years. Jayne has been the CEO/managing director for a range of businesses largely in the health, distribution, property and retail fields. Having sold her primary business interests to a company for public listing, Jayne now operates a boutique business consultancy focusing on business growth and optimisation strategies for small to medium enterprises. She also serves as a Company Director for several large entities in the government, education and tourism sectors.


Michelle Morton

Being the Best Version of Yourself

Michelle Morton is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland, Managing Partner and Litigation/Workplace Relations Workgroup Partner at wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers.

Michelle is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Personal Injuries specialist and Accredited Workplace Relations specialist.

Michelle is currently the Chair of the Townsville Fire Limited and a member of the Advisory Board for the Salvation Army, Queensland Law Society, North Queensland Law Association and Townsville Solicitors Association. Michelle is Deputy Chair of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service, Chair of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service Finance Committee and a member of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service Executive Committee and Engagement and Stakeholders Committee and a member of the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland. Michelle is Patron of the Townsville Business Women’s Circle.

In 2003, Michelle was awarded the Queensland Regional Women’s Lawyer Award. In 2015, Michelle was awarded the Agnes McWhinney Award by the Queensland Law Society.

Michelle has been a mentor in formal programs to both men and women for approximately 20 years and enjoys and values the opportunity to mentor others.


Cherie Motti

Finding inspiration and being inspirational

Dr. Cherie Motti is a senior research scientist heading up some critical research at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS). Cherie graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Chemistry) from the University of New England (1990) and a PhD in marine natural products drug discovery and molecular modelling from Griffith University (1996). As a postdoctoral fellow at the Queensland Pharmaceutical Research Institute (1997) she investigated the many and complex molecules produced by plants and animals. In early 2001 Cherie joined AIMS where she studies the language of chemical communication between marine organisms and their environment, and how this can be used to guide strategies to support and better manage the marine ecosystem.

Cherie’s science is being practically applied across a range of areas – from establishing levels of microplastic contamination in environmental samples, to monitoring coral health and developing bait technology to attract the pest Crown-of-Thorns starfish – and most importantly, her research underpins AIMS’ promise to protect the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef. Cherie is currently the Principle Investigator of a multidisciplinary team attempting to breed the rare Giant Triton snail for potential restocking their populations on key reefs to naturally control Crown-of-Thorns starfish outbreaks.

Having a PhD has enabled Cherie to develop both national and international collaborations that have resulted in nearly 90 publications to date, including two ground-breaking papers in the highly esteemed Nature journal – one on corals controlling their local climate, and one on the genome of the Crown-of-Thorns starfish. She has held various professional roles including Guest Editor for the science journal Marine Drugs (2015) and Research Director for AIMS@JCU (2017). Cherie is passionate about educating the current and next generations on environmental issues that affect the Great Barrier Reef. Not only does she supervise and train university graduate students, she actively engages with school and community groups to make science more accessible to all. She is constantly looking for new opportunities to spread the (chemistry) word.


Joanna Murray

Where to start in business

Joanna Murray is an Occupational Therapist and Director of Access Therapy Services, Sisu7 and Access Health Education and has been in small business since 2010. Joanna has built her companies from being a sole trader to now operating on a statewide and national level. Joanna became the inaugural President of the Townsville Business Women’s Circle in 2015, is the Deputy Chair for the Good Shepherd Home and is a Director on the Occupational Therapy Australia National Board. Joanna completed the North Queensland Emerging Leaders program during 2013/2014, completed her MBA/MPH (Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Health) in 2017 and completed the AICD Company Directors Course in 2019.
Joanna has been integral in the development and implementation of innovative health programs and partnerships in the Townsville and North Queensland region and is passionate about providing a supportive and flexible working environment to allow women and men to engage fully in the workforce despite their needs.



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